Terem Quartet (Russia)

The organizer of TEREM CROSSOVER competition. Musical ensemble of Russian folk instruments from St. Petersburg that is performing music in the classical crossover genre.

During its nearly 30 years of activity TEREM QUARTET has played more than 2,500 concerts and performed in 57 countries around the world. The ensemble has played concerts in Kremlin, at G8 summit, for Pope John Paul II at Vatican and for Mother Teresa.

The art of TEREM QUARTET is the art of the new century and millennium. It is positive, energy charging, carrying joy and love. The artists are convinced that the enormous power that is encased in music is one of the unique opportunities to change the world for the better.

Daniel Kramer (Russia) 

A Russian jazz pianist, teacher, composer and producer, a member of the Russian Academy of Arts.

Daniel Kramer likes to say: "You can do whatever you want, as long as it is convincing." And he adds: "The persuasiveness is one of the most important secrets of art. But it is the top of the pyramid which you can reach only after passing the fundamental structures representing craftsmanship: technique, control of sound, shape. Analysis, harmony and solfege are the giant pyramidal layers that narrow upward and lead to craft perfection. Only then comes the understanding what the art is."


Tobias Hug (Germany, UK) 

Vocalist, arranger, artistic director of vocal groups, co-founder of the London A Cappella Festival and is involved as an advisor in a number of festivals and adjudicates at festivals like VocalAsia (China), the UK Beatbox Championships, The Voice Festival UK and the CARAs (Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards, the equivalent of the A Cappella Grammies). He is also founding member of EVA, the European Voices Association.

Based in London, Tobias has been one of the longest-serving members of 5-times Grammy-Award winning a cappella legends The Swingle Singers which he left in 2012. As their bass and vocal percussionist he has sung with them for over 11 years, recorded six studio albums, and performed more than 700 concerts in the world's greatest concert halls.
As their former artistic director he set up many collaborations and projects, as well as TV appearances.

Tobias is also a sought-after collaborator (most recently touring with Bobby McFerrin "VOCabuLarieS" , singing with the Katia Labeque group, collaborating with german Techno legends Tiefschwarz as well as jamming with the likes of Nigel Kennedy, Les 
Paul or Howard Donald of Take That).


Sergei Starostin (Russia)

A prominent Russian folk musician, singer and multi-instrumentalist.

Sergei Starostin has worked with the famous Norwegian singer Mary Boine and eminent Armenian musician Jivan Gasparyan (duduk).

He became a music producer of "Prince Vladimir" animation film in 2003. Sergei Starostin was nominated for World Music-2003 awarded by BBC. 

The work of this eminent folklorist, singer and performer at numerous ethnic instruments has not only undisputed authority among critics, students and professionals, not only his concert performance skills proven by large foreign tours and special projects, but it also has a continued flexibility, openness to external influences and the constant search for the new sound and shape. Starostin wonderfully combines traditional approach to the study and performance of Russian folklore together with the natural human desire to be modern. 


Yuri Leiten (Estonia) 

Director of the State Estonian Concert Agency "Eesti Kontsert", musician and producer. 






Tina Kuznetsova (Russia) 

Singer, musician, composer. Tina performs a variety of musical styles from Russian folk to jazz. She is the winner of numerous vocal competitions and the finalist of "The Voice Russia". 





Pokidchenko Alexander (Russia) 

Composer, pianist, teacher and actor. He is also an author of musical fairy tales and musicals.