IV International Music Competition


International Music Competition TEREM CROSSOVER is a unique contest and festival with no analogues anywhere else in the world. It gathers professional like-minded musicians who feel cramped within strict academic frames and rules and who share the ideology of the Competition defined in its name. Crossing the borders, destruction of all the clichés and stereotypes, the willingness to mix styles and genres in the boldest way, intention to search for new ways and manners of musical thinking. The organizers of the Competition are sure that only such an alchemical mix can smelt the Sorcerer's Stone that is able to gift music the eternal youth.

The year of 2014 will open a new page in TEREM CROSSOVER's history. This time the organizers have decided to widen the framework of the Competition and its participants and will promote the Vocal Edition of TEREM CROSSOVER in two categories: “Vocal Ensemble” and “Solo Vocal”. Classics, jazz, world music, scat, a cappella – all this is a music cocktail of different ages and genres, all this is CROSSOVER!

By tradition, the Competition will be held at the State Academic Capella of St. Petersburg that is one of the best acoustic venues in Europe.

The Competition was conceived as a tournament of “music knights” which is comparable to inflame the passions of Shakespeare's tragedy, the battle of the equals. It is the honest contest that will be won by those who will be able to touch the deepest chords of the hearts of the audience and competent judges, who will manage to burn a spark and make a listener to feel shivers. That is why the Grand Prix of the Competition that officially symbolizes the sun rising over the drawbridges of St. Petersburg was nicknamed as “The Golden Shiver”.

TEREM CROSSOVER was initiated and founded by the world famous “Terem Quartet” – a world music group from St. Petersburg. The Competition was doomed to become a bright cultural event and take a respectable place among major international music contests, being one of the most important cultural events of St. Petersburg. More than 500 musicians from 20 countries of Europe, Asia and Americas took part in the previous Competitions. TEREM CROSSOVER’s prize fund is over 700,000 roubles and includes large cash prizes as well as numerous special prizes, e.g. a concert tour around major cities of Russia and performances at different music festivals in Russia and abroad. 

The event's busy out-of-competition concert program introduces the musicians of world renown in the vocal art to the audience. TEREM CROSSOVER has additional master-classes and seminars conducted by the maîtres of the vocal genre and experts in music management.

Terem CROSSOVER is a unique opportunity for the charismatic professional musicians to compete at one stage in a fair musical battle as well as to establish valuable art contacts for new exciting projects.

The Competition is held with the support of the Culture Committee and the External Relations Committee of St. Petersburg.